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Being remembered on a birthday is always a memorable and precious feeling. What is even more lasting is the thought of sending fresh flowers that last forever. Over the many years I have helped many people deliver flowers to their loved ones on birthdays, I find these flower arrangements most impactful to speak the heart’s desire for such a special occasion.

From the many exchange of ideas I had with couples sending romantic wedding anniversary flowers handcrafted bouquets, I have discovered from them that the elaborate wedding or proposal excitement is a thing of the past. Regardless of whether it’s the 1st or 25th marriage anniversary, what’s most important in this coming wedding anniversary is to convey what the romantic heart feels at this very moment of time. I will help you wow your partner and make them fall in love with you a little more than when it first started, with a romantic flower bouquet that last forever.

Everyday is always a good day for flowers to say what your heart feels to the person receiving it. The reason may be simple or grand for any occasion, but what is important is you celebrate it from your heart. One thing for sure is that i can start customizing for you using flowers to speak your message.

If a regular standard arranged fresh flowers just cant speak the message you want to convey, I will handcraft original flower ideas to effectively speak what your heart really wants to tell the person receiving it.

The wedding event is the most memorable and life defining event for many couples. I had the privilege to serve them with many customized wedding flower arrangements. Customized arrangements of floral wristbands, floral decoration, wedding bouquet, wedding corsage are often requested by couples to make the event truly special and one-of-a-kind. A gorgeous looking wedding flower different from the rest has always been my promise to the couples starting off live together. Couples often emphasize the need for wedding flowers which can last throughout the wedding event, in some instances a week apart. Preserved fresh flowers that last forever is the best choice to start off the romance.

Home owners would request for flower arrangements to beautify the home and a long lasting maintenance free item. I would always customize such request based on the colour scheme of the home and the owners preference of design.

My clients would almost always request for flower arrangements that can last for months. Pragmatic customers tell me that the flowers can also be used as a decorative beautiful centerpiece for the office space or a new office opening ceremony.

Corporate clients would ask for meaningful premium corporate gifts or unique door gifts different from the rest for their valued customers. The desire to truly express gratitude to valued customers has been the most common request. Corporates specifically source for unique corporate gifts high quality such as preserved flowers which can stay fresh for a long time and a beautiful addition to any office space. This will effectively convey the message of lasting appreciation of their clients’ support.

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