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My Blooming Petals Floristry School

I realise many people want to learn the skills of flower arrangement because they have creative abilities or they simply want to learn a new skill, be certified and start the first step of earning an income doing something they are passionate about.

Today, My Blooming Petals has grown to more than 100 students and many of them have started their first step as floral designer to earn income by doing something they’re passionate about.

As a professional florist the process of teaching adults about flower design and imparting knowledge about flower arrangement has always brought me immense satisfaction.

My Blooming Petals Live Show is Malaysia’s first ever flower arrangement class run Live and students are learning online, all happening at the same time.

In this online learning session, I have designed a step-by-step program for you to learn the skills of preserved flower arrangement and start the first step of earning an income doing something you are passionate about. The most exciting module is the last session, certification module where you will harmonise all that you have learned to create a masterpiece you can proudly call your own creation.

Now everyone can learn new skills at your cozy home and at the same time showcase your creativity to a mastery level.

Flower arrangement classes has become my favourite activity. This is not just about anyone can put a bunch of flowers and call it flower arrangement.  However, arranging flowers with the proper techniques and with the correct colour combination, you will feel immense satisfaction with the end product produced entirely by yourself.

Increasingly many couples have attended my flower arrangement workshop together with their partners and beamingly said it was quality time spent with their partners. Working adults have also given me feedback that the flower arrangement classes is an effective way to reduce stress from a hectic week in the office. Thinking creatively to design the flower arrangement and imagining colour combinations is just so refreshingly different from the routine office work.

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