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About My Blooming Petal's Founder, Jessie Tan

I welcome you to my flower garden which is forever blooming. Here you will be able to find flowers that can communicate every feeling you have. Be it Joy Love Gratitude Sadness. My promise to you is to create these flower ideas to effectively speak what your heart really wish to tell the person receiving it.

Arts and creativity have been my interest since I was a little girl at the age of 7 years. I can still remember how I drew blooming flowers on the walls of my room with crayons. Ever since then I explored and passionately learned the skill of creating flower ideas from many renowned teachers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and from very talented Malaysians.

My Journey

Through this journey to develop my creative skills I have discovered flowers can be preserved to look fresh for a long time. My interest for the Japanese culture attracted me to this land of the rising sun where blooming flowers are preserved using natural ingredients that originated from plants. For the past 10 years I have imported 100% Made in Japan fresh flowers, which have been carefully preserved following strict Japanese standards. I visit Japan every year to see for myself what is new in their flower industry and passionately bring these ideas and quality products back to share with my fellow Malaysians.

For many years I have discovered that preserved flowers has become the preferred choice of many well informed clever Malaysians. I think people begin to realise that preserved flowers from Japan are 100% made from natural flowers. It is real. The texture is natural because it is made from fresh flowers. I find that the most amazing fact which attracts many people is that these flowers keep their original look for many years. Always looking fresh everyday without having to water them. No allergy worries at all as there are no pollens in them, making these flowers the most obvious healthy choice. Putting endless life to a blooming petal is an amazing creation, really.


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